2015 Clinical observation at Maeda Sensei's clinic

Maeda Sensei kindly allowed me to come again for clinical observation this spring.
I had the chance to see him using his Navia system for various patients, also in severe cases such as MS or different tumors. Often I could see that the result of the therapy was felt by the patient, and many of them said they felt relived.
One of the patients that I met used to have prostate cancer, but it was cured after 28 treatments! Now he only comes for maintenance.

The way Maeda Sensei accepted me was truly amazing, while some masters keep their secrets to themselves, Maeda Sensei went out of his way in trying to make me understand and feel what he is doing. He answered every question I had on the spot, and even arranged one of his students, a very kind English speaker, to help translate the more complex questions.
Since the Navia system relays a lot on the ability to feel "Evil qi" it was a big part of the study this time. The diagnostics that Maeda sensei can do this way are quite amazing, starting from finding the meridians affected by "Evil Qi" to even finding the energetic age of the patient (which is often reduced almost by half when the treatment is done!)

One more interesting point was that the depth reached in the therapy relays a lot on the ability of the therapist's mind; therefor his students are encouraged to cultivate their minds in different ways.
There's much more to be said, but maybe the best is to experience,
I recommend every open minded therapist to visit Maeda Sensei's clinic.

I thank you very much Maeda Sensei for your kind efforts to teach me, and thank your staff for their kind support
Akoka Tomer.

Red thread!

Writing this in the car heading towards the Tokyo School for this term's last seminar. There are people who fall ill easily from the ki they pick up from other people. Often, you can catch or diagnose the root cause of this illness the person has unbeknownst to himself, and there are ways to interrupt or resolve the chain reaction of ki at times like this. Despite the various approaches to such treatments, methods for beginners to resolve such cases are often too difficult to execute. This difficulty has been overcome by devising a specific process which works on any kind of relationship, including parent-child, and husband-wife relationships, as well as in situations of serious illness, or where ki is being taken, or obstructed in its comings and goings. Connections between people are not simply those made by the tying of red thread!

Clinical observation at Maeda Sensei's clinic

Last March I had the pleasure of visiting Maeda Sensei's clinic and saw his unique and original way of work.

Maeda Sensei developed a clinical model based on acupuncture and cosmic energy theories which was amazing to see at work

The identification of "Evil Qi" is an essential part of his work. Maeda Sensei can sense it through moving his thumb on his index finger while the other hand is used as the "input sensor" and is placed in various locations around the patient body without any touch. "When there's a smooth feeling the Qi is ok, when there's a sticky feeling it's Evil Qi" he told me, and added "it can be learned in two days!

Most of the tools he uses are also developed by him. The first noticeable tool when you see him work is the board he uses, on which the 5 elements and their existence in each other elements are represented, along with circles representing various meridians and more. Through this board he taps into the various energy fields surrounding the patient and takes out the "evil qi" that was there. It sounds like something more close to Reiki and healing than acupuncture but in his work he is treating the condition through balancing the meridian system using the different levels of the meridians ? Main, TMM or 8 Extra for example.
The results of his treatment were most of the time visible instantly during the treatment, also by the patients.

Maeda Sensei was very kind and was also happy to share his knowledge and explain his way of work for which I'm very grateful.
I was amazed and had a great time watching Maeda Sensei work, I hope to come again in the future

Thank you Maeda Sensei,
Akoka Tomer.

@An elimination case of abdominal metastatic cancer

Tetsuo Maeda

The director of NAVIA, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic
Representative of Research Group for Diagnosis of Ki and Acupuncture Treatment Outline
This case study is that of a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and subsequently
given 6 months life expectancy following an operation the patient had 6 years ago.
Despite receiving hormone treatments, the patientfs PSA (Prostatic specific antigen) level continued to gradually rise. In seeking a second opinion by changing a hospital, but the patient was then advised to book into a hospice facility with diagnosis of Stage IV cancer and 6 months life expectancy.
In the event, the patient decided to visit doctors at the National Medical University Hospital. There,the patient was told the cancer metastasized to the lymph near the liver in the abdomen area,and was therefore inoperable. The patient was recommended to take a course of chemotherapy.
In three and half months before the patient was admitted to hospital for chemotherapy, the
patient devoted to receiving Oriental Medicinal style treatment. According to Oriental Medicine
diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized to the liver and gallbladder. The main area of diagnosis
included the patientfs abdomen and back.
Both the Gallbladder Meridian and the Liver Meridian were subsequently treated for excessive Ki(Chi, Qui) by way of sedating the Meridians. This was achieved using a needleless
treatment tool known as Teishin( literally means a pressure tool, which affords many of the benefits of acupuncture but without penetration of the skin).
At the first hospital, the patientfs PSA level was 27. it was then seen to rise up to 45. However,the result of medical recheck at National Medical University Hospital just prior to the start of the recommended course of chemotherapy, it declined to 3.5.
As a result, the patient did not pursue the chemotherapy and was able to leave the hospital the following day. The patient continues with the Oriental Medicine treatment , and at present, it has shown further improvement with a decline in the patientfs PSA level to.0.06.
In the Oriental Medicinal tradition of understanding and diagnosis, cancer is a target symptom: it seem as a gathering of JaKi(literally gEvil life energyh, excessive electromagnetic energy that imbalances Ki or disturbs health). This results in <CŁAŁA>, Ki poison, blood poison,and body fluid poison. By perceiving the patientfs condition in this way, we did our best to treat the patient's cancer, and Sawada style treatment was found to be particularly useful.
Notification of the end of treatment is recognition when energetic reaction in Mubun Style and Meridian Lines were ceased, and also clinical energetic reaction from the once diseased areas of the body were cleared.
Keywords. cancer treatment, cancer care, Jaki, Teishin, PSA level, Sawada Style

Diagnostic Method and Medical Qigong

Utilizing Magnetic Properties in the Human Body


Tetsuo Maeda

Research Institute of Oriental Medicine and Medical Qigong (Osaka, Japan)


Theories of Oriental Medicine have been accepted, however, many difficulties still remain in their practical application.


One of the difficulties is attributed to the fact that specialists in the field have their own views and methods in diagnosing and treating the human body, especially in the realm of medicine of invisible Qi.


When approaching this elusive difficulty from a point of view in medical Qigong, it is most important that we direct our attention to the magnetic properties in the human body. It has been shown that the human body has distinctive magnetic properties in organs and torso, as well as the head, arms and legs, which are projected out of the torso.


By observing magnetic properties variations, one can differentiate abnormalities in Yin and Yang, Five Phases (Five Elements) and Channels (Meridians), which further helps to determine appropriate treatment selection (Channels and Collaterals, Channel Sinews, Extra Channels, or Mubun Style).


In addition, the organization and hierarchy of Qi in the human body has become identifiable from the observations of magnetic properties.


The author has noted that magnetic properties in the human body can be configured into a format with fully coordinated and balanced arrangement, by using theories of Ying/Yang and Five Phases and Pentagon with Golden Ratio, and he further created a compass, which he has called g Qigong master navigator h. The compass, which was developed with a program to analyze various parameters, enables detection of detailed Qi conditions in the human body. It provides practitioners a system to help establish a treatment method with Channels and Collaterals, and Channel Points, and contributes to promote true values of Oriental Medicine.


Keyword: medical Qigong, magnetic properties in the human body, hierarchy, Golden Ratio, compass, theory of Five Phases




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